Froilan Irizarry Rivera

Githubber | & USDS Alumni | Co-founder @fullstacknights | |

Washington, DC

My Projects

GitHub repositories that I've built.

A rules engine with a small API and simple rules configuration
JavaScript 3 1
A simple tool to help analyze a Git repository.
Small application to listen for Github events.
JavaScript 0 0
Small example ETL that uses school data from Puerto Rico
JavaScript 2 1
POC que extrae informacion sobre votaciones sobre medidas en la camara de representantes de PR
Python 0 0
Dump of all datasets found in
Python 6 1
Repositorio para una herramienta informativa sobre el corana virus COVID-19 en Puerto Rico
GitHub Action to invite user into a GitHub Organization.
JavaScript 0 0

My Interests

Topics that I want to learn more about.


Web design